Unlocking growth potential

Business growth is complex so we’ve created a programme to make it more achievable. We’d like to invite small business owners to unlock their growth potential in our new learning programme.

Building on our success and expertise in helping small and medium businesses grow over the past few years, our programme Unlocking Growth Potential (UGP) will help you drive growth through a proven entrepreneurial leadership and management programme. You’ll benefit from experienced mentors who’ll help you develop and implement your growth plans backed by advanced business growth learning. You’ll hear from entrepreneurial business leaders in regular exclusive talks. Most of all, you’ll have time to further develop yourself as a leader in a group of like-minded individuals.

If you’re a small or medium business owner who wants to gain:

  • Clarity over how to create and capture more profitable growth
  • Coherence to sustain growth with more effective management techniques
  • Consistency to plan and implement growth more rigorously
  • Confidence to lead others and thrive as a business owner
  • Community benefits from joining a cohort of ambitious and committed growth-oriented business owners

Why not join us?

The Business Engagement Team, UoN
E: Dave Tuer
T: 0115 748 4353

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