The Chemistry Innovation Laboratory (CIL) is an initiative for supporting innovation and growth in chemistry using SMEs. It provides the opportunity for businesses to access specialist skills, knowledge, equipment and new technologies available through The University of Nottingham’s internationally leading School of Chemistry. Assistance is tailored to suit the needs of each company and projects can include analytical and characterisation support, product development support, developing improved manufacturing processes and providing quality control services. The mechanisms for delivering this support include laboratory work, feasibility studies, consultancy, literature reviews and graduate placements. If you have alternative requirements, please contact us with more details to see if we can help.

CIL is managed through the School of Chemistry Business Partnership Unit and draws upon all of the expertise, facilities and contacts available to the School. The School has a long history of establishing mutually beneficial research and commercial partnerships with a wide variety of companies spanning the pharmaceutical, chemical and related chemistry using sectors.

CIL in partnership with four trade and professional bodies (IChemE, RSC, SCI, CIA) has also pioneered the formation of a regional network of chemistry using businesses and universities “EMChem” that focuses on developing collaborations, establishing new supply chains and sharing sector specific skills, knowledge and best practice.

University Park, UoN
E: Sian Masson
T: 0115 748 4082
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